Sukan is a multi-faceted artist who is trained in interior architecture and photography and has tackled with ideas that question the limitations of human perception, the borders between the physical and the virtual as well as the visible and the invisible. Sukan’s work positions the artist as a challenging narrator who re-creates an idea or a form that confirm viewer expectations at first glance while undercutting them in practice.


Born in 1973 (Ankara, Turkey), Sukan’s work have been exhibited at the Maison des Metallos (Paris, France, 2009), NYPH New Visionaries Tobacco Factory (New York, USA, 2009), Batagianni Gallery (Athens, Greece, 2011), Kappatos Gallery (Athens, Greece, 2012), Ara Art Center (Seoul, South Korea, 2012), Maxxi Museum (Rome, Italy, 2013), Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art (Istanbul, Turkey, 2013), Museum Haus Konstruktiv (Zurich, Switzerland, 2013), La Triennale Di Milano (Italy, 2014), Five Eleven (NYC, USA, 2015), Hotel Des Arts (Toulon, France, 2016), Istanbul Modern Museum (Turkey, 2017) as well as art fairs such as Art Basel (Switzerland, 2011), FIAC (Paris, France, 2011) Art Hong Kong 2012 and 2013. Sükan lives and works in New York and Istanbul.